Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A song of praise

With all my voice, I lift my praise
I come unto You all of my days
To bless you Lord, give honor and glory
You are my God, the author of my story.
I was lonely, lost and forsaken
Grieved, hopeless and shaken.
Flames that burned within me,
Insults that mocked and tormented me.
Then You O Lord came to my aid,
Comforted me whilst I was afraid
You healed my wounds, calmed my fears,
You gave me strength, took away the tears.
How merciful, to me, O Lord have You been,
Your compassion extends to all of my kin
Your love to me, is so precious and sweet,
With You on my side, I feel so complete.
With all my strength, I lift my praise
I come unto You all of my days
To worship, thank, adore and love
The Most Highly Exalted One from above.
My sinful and shameful past is no more
I have been cleansed right to the core
Through all my deeds, in all my wrong
Of all my weakness, Now I'm made strong.
No longer now I live in dread,
The Lord is my refuge, in His ways I tread,
For uncertain as the future is,
Forever be it known, that I am His.
And should there be suffering or shame,
Through it all I proclaim His Name
When the day of judgement takes it's road
I'll find my rest in His heavenly abode.
Until then as I pursue my journey
Confident of Jesus my attorney
His love for me ever so glorious
In life I reign always victorious.

© Delon Vaz
Sep 19, 2008

The Man of Parables

He spoke in parables thru the land
Some rejected and some did believe
The believers would one day understand
But the others would never perceive
As His words rang into their ears
Through His clear and simple stories
Many were touched and brought to tears
Displaying the abundance of God’s glories
Be like a lamp that shines its light
So that darkness would never remain
Not like the rich fool whose soul leaves tonight
He stored plenty of goods and grain
But His words they seldom understood
Because their minds were always in a lock
He told them that how a wise man should
Build his house on a foundation of rock
New cloth upon new garment is sewn
So it should not tear from within
For storing wine it is well known
How new wine goes into new wineskin
He began to speak against the Pharisees
That caused their blood to boil
And told of the sower and his seeds
Some of which grew well on fertile soil
And what about the Samaritan so good
Who saw a man lying robbed and bruised
And felt that as his duty should
Nurse his wounds and the blood that oozed.
God’s kingdom is like a mustard seed, He said
A treasure, a man hid in a field,
Like a precious pearl, Like leaven bread
And like good treasure in the heart concealed
The loving father accepting his son with a leap
Tho he wasted his inheritance on wild pleasure
Like a Shepherd, who searches his lost sheep
Jesus looks for us, we are indeed His treasure
- Delon Vaz
created on Oct 13, 2008
Is 6:9-10
You will keep on hearing, but will not understand
You will keep on seeing, but will not perceive
For the heart of this people has become dull
With their ears they scarcely hear
and they have closed their eyes